Races of Meyan

The Races & Cultures of Meyan

Meyan is filled with many creatures of many kinds below I will list the standard playable races in Meyan and tell you a little about their cultures.


Humans are the stock of Meyan, the youngest race, and yet they have prospered as much as in not more than most others. Humans in Meyan all call one of the many cultures home. Below is a list of the cultures of Man.

Sereks “Men of Noble blood and Stalwart Hearts”

Sereks are the noble stock of humans. They once claimed all lands east of the Spine of the World their kingdom. In recent times their kingdom has become smaller and smaller. The Kingdom of Sereland still holds a large amount of land, however the crown is no longer in the hands of sereks. Shortly after the Scarring of the skies a Dosnin Warlord by the name of Ulfgar Mcferesh took the crown and has annexed much of the Northern Kingdom of Sereland. Many Sereks hold a blood feud with their Dosnin cousins, this feud goes back further than most can remember and can be traced to the beginning of the Sereks kingdom.

Serek Cultural Traits:
Weapon Focus: Rapier, Great Sword
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: diplomacy; Skill Focus: Ride

Dosnin “The Clansmen of Unther”

Dosnin trace their lineage back to the days when House Serel and House Dosnin once called each other brethren. Since then however they have been forced to live in the Hills of Unther to the east of the Kingdom of Sereland. Over time their noble tact has been forgotten and they have formed a clan system among them. To Dosnin family and bloodlines are very important, and while they have no true king many do follow the great General Ulfgar Mcferesh. Dosnin’s have been involved in borderline skirmishes with Serek for many many generations. Finally after the Apocalypse they have managed to take the northern portion of the Kingdom of Sereland as their own.

Dosnin Cultural Traits:
Weapon Focus: Kukri, Halberd
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Survival, Skill Focus: Stealth

Quaren “The wandering tribes”

The Quaren once lived on the Deybeth Peninsula to the south of the eastern continent in their land known as Quaren. They were sea-faring tribesmen that held ancestry, honor, and family in high regard. Most Follow Vaelyth, the god of Valor, or Alagoth, the Storm God or Pargoth Loz the god of War. Many of the finest fleets of the Quaren battled the monsters of the deep during the apocalypse. However when the Deep One awoke in the Seas and scarred the skies it also swallowed up their homeland Quaren. Now the remaining tribes Owlbear, Whale, Serpent, and Owl wander the lands of Meyan in search of a new home.

Quaren Cultural Traits:
Weapon Focus: Ranseur or Trident
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Skill Focus: Handle Animal Skill Focus: Swimming

Aek’Dorin “The men of the sands”

The Aek’Dorin reside in a large desert separating in the southern part of the eastern continent of Meyan known as the Unforgiving Desert. Their culture began as traders and collectors of knowledge. They are great tactictians and mathematicians. Their culture is strongly
strongly based upon arcane and divine teachings particularly the worship of the Sun God Nestraden. It is said that the grand city of Dah’Kura was once the spectacle of the world. Since the Scarring of the Skies their caravans have not been seen crossing the Wilds of Pargoth. Few can speculate what horror has befallen the Aek`dorin.

Aek’Dorin Cultural Traits:
Weapon Focus: Scimitar and Falchion
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Appraise, Skill Focus: Linguistics

The Cardenon “The Sons of Giants”

The Cardenon are great people who once ruled most of western Meyan. Their people are perhaps the finest in war second to only the Aek’Dorith in tactics, but outmatching them in sheer number and
determination. Their now shattered empire resides upon the Vast Semb Plateau. Ruins from the Fall of the stars still litter the landscape.

Cardenon Cultural Traits:
Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword
Shield Proficiency
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Knowledge History

Half elves “The mother-less”

Half elves are a rare breed in the world of Meyan. Most unions between man and elf result in miscarriages, the few the survive pregnancy nearly always result in the death of the mother in the process of birth. Those that are born are often abandoned as children for fear of the cultural stigma attached to them. To the elves, the death of the elf mother in birth is a sign that Lumnare “The Mother of All” has forsaken them. To the humans the death of the human mother is testament that the child will never live a full life, destined to outlive it’s human family, destined to never be accepted. The few half elves that have survived this gauntlet have no home to call their own, no people to truly fit in with. Survivors from birth half elves have a natural penchant to find good luck. The coin always seems to flip heads side up for these beings.

Half Elf Traits
Luck of the Survivor: 1/day Re-roll take the results of the new roll even if lower than the original.
Blessing of the Forsaken: 1/day a half elf that is the target of a critical hit can force the attacker to act as though they have rolled a natural 1, automatically missing.


The Elemiir “The Nation of the Stars”

The Elemiir or “High Elves” as they are known by the other races of Meyan now reside in the broken forests of Mereska. They have been known as isolationist in the past, but since the Apocalypse when the elven armies abruptly left the battlegrounds few have been seen anywhere on the eastern continent. Those that have seen them note that they seem distant, even more so than normal. Perhaps the broken skies, or the inability to see their beloved stars drove the Elemiir to do something that not even their cousins the wood elves would do. Perhaps they made the ultimate sacrifice to no avail…

Elemiir Cultural Traits
Spell Like Ability: Light 3/day, Read Magic 1/day, Resistance 3/day
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Knowledge Arcana

The Elesiir “The Nation of the Earth”

The Elesiir or “Wood Elves” stood their ground at the Last Stand of the Apocalypse. It would seem that these people who hold nature so dearly have been affected by the Scarring of the Sky more than any other culture on Meyan. Their once great home Ele’siir in the Deep Wood has been completely abandon, taken over by the Dark Ones. Since then their exodus past the wilds of Pargoth and through Bloodstone were the last sight of these elves on the eastern continent. They have wandered the lands of Elemiir in search of some answer to this curse.

Elesiir Cultural Traits
Spell Like Ability: Calm Animal 2/day, Befriend Animal 1/day
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Knowledge Nature

The Children of Earth

Dwarves “The Children of Stone”

The Dwarves lost so many during the Last Stand before the apocalypse. Nearly 75% of their armies bled for all that live in Meyan. It seems that they have not forgotten this. Many dwarves returned to their homes in the Storm Peak Mountains, but many others integrated into the human societies in the Republic of Dergath, and the Kingdom of Sereland, and with the Sons of the Hills of Unther. The crafting and fighting skills of dwarves is very renowned but this is only seciond to their grudge against the elves for seemingly leaving the battle lines and fleeing when they stood against the Dark Ones knowing they were to be defeated.

Dwarven Cultural Traits:
Spell Like Ability: Skin Like Rock (dr 5/adamantine for 1 round per character level)
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus Dungeonearing

The Ton (Halflings) “The salt of Meyan”

The Ton are perhaps the only people of Meyan that always hold onto hope. Even with that trait seemingly ingrained into their psyche these dark times has broken even their spirit. The Ton hold little hope for the future and what few civilizations they had have all been broken by the Dark Ones. Many Ton have fled to the larger cities of Man, Dwarf and Elf naturally integrating in their cultures. If the Ton cannot hold onto hope perhaps their will be no end to this darkness.

Ton Cultural Traits:
Spell Like Ability: Guidance 3/day, Virtue 3/day, Presditigitaion 1/day
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus: Stealth

Races of Meyan

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