The Town of Kurroth
Population: 500
Diversity: 60% humans, 15% haflings 10% dwarves 15% elves

Kurroth is a town on the south western edge of Deybeth. The town of Kurroth is protected by the Storm Guard.

Geographic Features
Rocky Cliffs overseeing the sea south of town. Pine forest to the north.

Notable Areas

Inn “Basilisk Eye Inn”
Description: Owned by the dwarven couple Dekerd Thudar and Erma Thudar. Known for it’s famously strong coffee, and sweet dwarven lager. This place is not only an inn but also a bar and restaraunt. This is a good place to catch up on the local gossip or hear a good story.

Town Hall
Description: Town Hall functions as a town meeting place, court, jail, and office of Mayor Kurr Hol’drel.

Black Smith
Description: Master Smith Kenneth Welsko runs his Black Smith out of a stone building that always has smoke rising from the chimney. Kenneth has skill in all kinds of metalwork. He sells everything from nails and horse shoes to longswords and chain-mail armor.

Frontier Logging Co.
Description: Much of Kurroth economy is built on the backs of the Frontier Logging Co. This Log house and saw mill harvests from the Pine Forest outside of town.

Description: Yuri Swallowtail, a master fletcher runs the local Boyer. He is known for his fine craftsmanship. Many hunters frequent this shop with tails of their expeditions.

General Store
Description: Gamble Surefellow and Margaret Surefellow run the local general store. These Ton always seem to have something exotic to sale, or rumors of a wild adventure.

Guard Barracks and Training Grounds
Description: The Storm Guard has a barracks and training ground. The Barracks is a long house made of wood that houses most of the town guard. The Training Ground consists of a sparring arena, an archery range and several wooden combat dummies.

Description: Near the Town Gates is a stable ran by Jenune Martin. Jenune sells horses and ponies, as well as tack and saddle supplies.


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