• Dekerd Thudar

    Dekerd Thudar

    Male Dwarf Inn Keeper
  • Elaina


    Innocent countenance, long fowing golden hair, eyes as blue as the sky. Wearing white with the golden sun emblazoned on her back as well as a symbol of Netsraden at her hip dangling on a golden rope she keeps tied at her waist.
  • Erma Thudar

    Erma Thudar

    Female Dwarf Innkeeper
  • Ezra Vecc

    Ezra Vecc

    A handsome pale skinned man of average height stands before you. He wears a long black jacket made of studded leather with fine silver inlays. His hand rests calmly on the basket hilt of the rapier on his hip.
  • Mayor Kurr Hol’drel

    Mayor Kurr Hol’drel

    Current Mayor of Kurroth