Welcome to the Chronicles of Acledala: The Storm Guard!

What are the Chronicles of Acledala?

The Chronicles of Acledala are a series of campaigns ran in the world of Meyan over the past 8 or so years. We have had many players and stories that I have been fortunate enough to share with all my friends. The history of this world has largely been “written” by previous campaigns and heroes of Meyan have risen to the occasion more than once.

What is the Storm Guard Campaign about?

The Storm Guard campaign is set in the fourth age of Meyan, during the darkest days of this realm. The town Kurroth lays nestled on the rocky cliffs of Deybeth overlooking the expansive Sea of Stars. The people of Kurroth depend on the Storm Guard to protect them from the monsters and brigands. A generation has passed since the sky had been scarred. To this day crimson clouds roll and chaining lightning crackles across the skies. A great storm moves about Meyan obliterating everything in it’s path, and there is no sign of an end. You will play as an adventurer in the town of Kurroth, newly joined in the Storm Guard, sworn to protect your home.

What System are you using for the Storm Guard Campaign?

The Storm Guard campaign will use the Pathfinder D&D rules. Characters will be built based on the Core Rulebook. It is highly recommended that each player have a copy of the Pathfinder Core Rules on hand. We will run this game via Google+ Hangouts for video chat. Games will begin by 7:30pm on Tuesday Nights and end by 9:30 or 10:00pm EST.

Source Books

Currently Legal Books (this list may expand)

  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook
  • Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide

I suggest having atleast the core rulebook on hand. For rules reference use SRD http://www.d20pfsrd.com/home

Game Requirements

To Play you must have the following

Optional (But highly suggested)
Web Camera

The Storm Guard

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